FFBVII fan or not you will love this game!!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
From the first look it looks like any other FFVII spin off. Well, it is not.
Clearly it can beat GOW for the psp, and can be the best psp game ever. With gameplay like kingdom hearts and story very satisfying you can never go wrong with this game. And surprisingly the voice acting is actually good.


one word. EVERYTHING. A lot of returning characters re modeled and Sepheroth on the good side is very awesome. Graphics are the best the psp can offer. maybe a little behind GOW. And the A.I gets harder, but not to hard so it is impossible. The battle is just awesome. like i said it has gameplay of kingdom hearts, but way better. You will enjoy the combats and love how they did the CGI cut scenes. And the game is really looooooooooooooooong so you will have the best about one month of your life on the psp. (played about 2 hours a day)


Again one word. NOTHING. Except that combat can get repetitive. but not until the last boss or so. And one more thing, the bosses may look impossible but is really easy to beat. Like the first boos is just the begining.

And this is just a great game for all psp owners, or get a psp just because of this game.