Easily the best final fantasy game ive played to date.

User Rating: 10 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
This game plucks at your heart strings in every way. its the most addictive game ... yet you dont want to keep playing it because you know what happens at the end...you dont want to not play it because of just how amazing theyve portrayed the charaters, especially Zack. This game is so well put together, you wouldnt believe it was a spin-off if you didnt already know the final fantasy series. I didnt think that they'd be able to create a brand new fighting style for final fantasy that worked so well on the psp. unfortunatley though, the story was'nt as long as it could have been, which was a bummer, though it made up for it by having an amazing story line and even better voice actors, i know some people thought some of the characters where cheezy, i thought they pulled it off perfectly. Aside from the characters, the game i felt had a bunch of great mini games which i ilke in a game, you normally dont find mini games in most games today and when you do, theyre generally just sadisfactory...like god of war for instance, when you have the chance to "have fun" with some girls... its just a simple button combination that lasts for about 10 seconds.. not all that exciting. I also liked that they incorporated "missions" into this game which has been tones of fun, especially since you actually gain items upon completing them, Ive beaten the game and I STILL havnt done all the missions theres so many.My only hopes are that they make another version of some kind containing even more of cloud's past with Zack ! Keep up the good work Square Enix !!!!!!!