I Love this game with a passion!!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
I've always wanted to try a final fantasy game and i heard this one was good.I'm glad they were right.
This game is good for these reasons
*The story is very compelling.
*I instantly loved the characters.
*The combat is awesome.
The first time i played this though it was kind of hard but as i went along i actually found this easy its just the bosses that are sorta hard.Like one the characters Genesis, it was my first time dying on the game.
The games weaknesses
*Too much monster encounters.
I'd say that pretty much it.(Mostly because i can't think of anything else).
I was surprised that this was the prequel to final fantasy 7 because i haven't played final fantasy 7 but this game makes me want to play the game because i want to see how the shin-ra rebellion ends.Besides that, the game's ending was unforgettable i'm still remembering it.Crisis Core is a great prequel to great game.