Crisis Core is a must play for a PSP owner and not only if you are FFVII fan....

User Rating: 8 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
I finally got around to finishing Crisis Core on my PSP last night. I bought this game about 10 months ago, since i had to plan for a trip abroad (he he, and i had to have some series games with me to engage with). I was playing it a lot back then, and then somehow got busy with other stuff and forgot about it. Well, yesterday i decided to play i again, not realizing that i was actually 10 minutes away from finishing the game. So here are my thoughts (from what i can remember).

Story is a traditional for a FF game. Players will get to meed their favorite characters from the FFVII game (well, not all of them). There are some new and interesting people as well. I was left of the impression that the ending of CCore will follow certain events, but they were a little different when i actually finished the game. 8/10

Gameplay and Controls
Typical for a PSP game. I did not have any major issues with this title. 8/10

Graphics and Sound
Graphics were beautifully rendered (from what you can expect on a PSP) and the cutscenes (as usual) were gorgeous. Voice acting was a little annoying, though it was good as well. 8/10

I would have to say, it is a great game to have. If you are fan of the FFVII (which i am) then this will be close to your heart and you will be appreciating this installment. 8/10

Overall, a great prequel to FFVII, with some great graphics, interesting story, good RPG techniques and characters. A must have for the PSP.