Maybe the best the game for the PSP......EVER!

User Rating: 9.5 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
Without doubt out of all the games i've played and finished on the PSP this stands on top. A game which differs to the other Final Fantasy games classical RPG style and combined with a twisting unique story line this game is a masterpiece. A prequel to the original Final Fantasy 7 this game explains a lot of mysteries and core events prior to FF7. Here you play as Zack Fair who is a young member of SOLDIER who goes through missions under his mentor and friend Angeal. Angeal is a 1st class soldier along with Genesis & Sephiroth who all share their amount of popularity in town.
Cameos comes from time to time of characters you'd might know.

Gameplay is fast and exciting and features several different enemies which sometimes need creativity to defeat, if you want to skill yourself a bit more with attacking and overall stats there are a lot of side-quest to go through, but however if you'd now want to get to a higher level there will not be an xp to raise you're bar but you do have to get lucky using the slot machine called DMW which is also where Zack can get his limit breaks from, if the correct numbers pop up. This might be disappointing to some but in my opinion it doesn't really matter.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core should be a game played by every PSP owner, a great game in the vague library of extraordinary games for the handheld.