Nice prequel to one of the best RPG's ever made. Even if u hav yet to play the original it wont matter.

User Rating: 9 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
This game will please fans of FF7 and newcomers alike. If u hav never played the ps1 game dont worry, this will be a nice start till get to play it. Now for me, i hav played the original ps1 game, the ps2 dirge of cerberus, and watched the advent children movie, so i went into this game as a prequel knowing wat already happened.

I remember in the ps1 game seeing a secret scene in the shinra mansion which showed me the ending of crisis core. even knowing the ending, i cried . I couldnt believe a athlete crying to a video game... ive never cried to a video game before...not even when aerith died that jus shocked me more than anything.

Gameplay: 8.5/10

alot of action (fast pace) makes the gameplay hella fun, only one time during the side missions (which hav 300) hav i encountered where i had to do alot of button mashing, but after u complete normal mode and try hard youll be dodging and using a ton magic.
the difficulty is just right, normal mode actually feels normal and hard mode actually feels hard (cant explain it any better :P) Summons and limit breaks are back all do to the DMW (roulette spinning thing in the top left corner of the battle screen)

Story: 9.5/10

The creme of the crop. THe main reason why u should play this game. Square turned the little secret cutscene from final fantasy VII into a full 20 hour epic story for on the world. Youll be playing as Zack Fair. Zack is a shrina soldier trying to get ranked as soldier class 1 (i think thats wat it is called) wat will soon come is a epic story about love, friendship, and honor.

Graphics: 9/10

No surprise. THe graphics look lik they came str8 outta a ps2 console. THe CGI sequences are beautiful and the real time facial expressions will leave u in awe. THe backgrounds r both familiar (from the original ff7) and new with lots of detail. The cover of the case was simply awesome, i believe that those who no nothing about final fantasy and look at thisa cover will consider looking into the game.

Music: 8/10

Remixes from the old game and new songs left me tapping my feat and humming to the beat, while it wasnt enough to make me download it to my ipod :P

Overall: those who liked the original ff7 should ABSOLUTLY get this game. New comers will also love this game and maybe even get them to play the original