A FF7 prologue story that has a lot of heart! Discover how it all began!!

User Rating: 8 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion PS5

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Review PS5-

"For most people who have found themselves engrossed in the marvelous world of FF7, the question has always went back and forth. Who is Zack Fair and what role did he exactly play in regards to Cloud in the main story of Final Fantasy VII? While the original PS1 game attempted to explain just what went down, the limitations at the time made their attempt go over a lot of peoples' heads. That is what brings us to this game, which manages to make SOME things a little clearer."

"This game will focus on the story of Zack Fair, a 2nd class operative in SOLDIER. Players will the get the insider scoop on the happenings in and around the Shinra HQ, and there is a lot of dark stuff happening in the shadows. We are introduced to a number of new faces as well. Angeal is Zack Fair's boss on several missions and acts as his mentor and guardian. Genesis is another important character, a very highly skilled fighter who has an obsession with play "Loveless". And of course, Sephiroth is here, as well as Reno, Rude, Tseng, & Cissnei of the Turks. You get a better picture of who each of these individuals are and this makes the whole experience of playing this game and the FF7 main games much better. Not all the guys who are on the wrong side necessarily WANT to do evil things, even though that is how it will be interpreted by others."

"The combat is active time based and has a similar pace as the recent remakes of FF7. The system may seem bizarre and complicated at first, but after a while you will get the hang of it. While a majority of the combat system is dependent on luck, as it is basically like a casino slot machine going round and round and is called the limit verge. Everyone who Zack comes to know and regard in his memories will be added to the merger and every Summon spirit as well. Three slots lined up beside each other and they all spin round and round until they finally stop, and if you manage to land all 3 of the matching face will grant you different perks and abilities depending on what you landed on. For instance, once you have gained the Ifrit Summon, and in battle you manage to land on Ifrits symbol 3 times, you will be able to unleash the powerful ability, Hellfire on opponents. This system works the same way with how you both level Zack up and level his materia up as well. It sounds very confusing at first but it will grow on you in time. "

"While the game does have a linear setup, the game still manages to impress with beautiful graphics and character models. You have a certain degree of freedom of exploration, but only in some parts of Midgar. You will have to undertake many missions as a Solider member, and some are optional and are the key to unlocking hidden and powerful equipment. There are a lot of missable items and quests in the story and it is nice to see that element of FF7 brought back here as well. Getting to see Zack and Aerith in their first moments together, as well as moments when Zack and Tseng are on a mission together and chatting about Aerith gives players double the understanding of certain characters and their intentions and motives. It also explains a certain amount of events that are set to take place later in the main story of FF7, and I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't played either yet."

"For the end of this review, let me just say this. If you are at all a fan of the FF7 main game, then you will absolutely want to play this. It is not a watered down prologue story, it is a game all in it's own right and a fascinating look at how Cloud becomes Cloud. Zack Fair has a ton of heart and you will get to explore that heart here!!"