It's a great remaster, but shows its age.

User Rating: 6 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion NS


- the graphics are an incredible upgrade

- the dmw roll between combat adds a little unpredictability and excitement to the battles

- the dmw specials are pretty cinematic and gives the player some background between Zack and the linked person

- the dialogue and narrative is good. Gives some necessary back story to Sepiroth and Shinra. Zack's story is a tragedy which I enjoyed.

- in the grand scope, the game adds a lot of depth to aerith's fate and the bond between zack and aerith is touching.

- the combat is revamped to be the same as FF7 remake, which is great. The combat isn't the best, but it's decent enough for it to be enjoyable. And the bosses and enemies were challenging and diverse enough to not feel repetitive


- The game was phenomenal on the PSP, but it's a very bare bone and linear experience on present day consoles.

- the areas are very linear point A to B with nothing to really check out in between

- the emphasis on being a hero and having dreams is kind of cheesy.

- i did not like the one winged design for the mutations. Flying with 1 wing makes no logical sense.

- the genesis and angeal copies were also kinda weird. Didn't make for very interesting adversaries.

- a lot of the dialogue was very cheesy. Like how the random citizens stan'd over genesis, angeal, and sepiroth. They looked like business women or moms. It came off as unrealistic. Dialogue from other people during quests were also weird, like that kid's interaction with you when you drop underground. His comments about zack and aerith's relationship was very awkward. Coupled with the robotic movement animations, I couldn't help but cringe.