A FF Game thats put strategy at first

User Rating: 10 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP

All FF games i played focus on finding secret things, with almost any clue, for you become powerful. I dont like this. I like FF games , but i am not a hardcore fan. There are FF games that i didn't finish because it become boring. CC:FF7 focus on making materia by fusing others, and with the help of the missions you can acquire strong materia. There is a lot of strategy in fusing materia. If you choose hard mode, you will see a challenging game , even if the most powerful materia and items. The only thing bad is the lack of ability to skip cinematics and somes scenes. I finished on hard , first playthrough, at level 49, and didn't grind levels at any time. I guess there is a pseudo-random distribution on leveling materias and plalyer, and not completely random. In the end was enjoyable and rewarding. A must for any FF7 fan.