Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? Well...yeah it is

User Rating: 7.9 | Crimson Skies PC
This game has a lot to offer people who like to play with old Planes. For myself though I found it a little more frustrating to fly around in an old fighter plane.

The game is centered around Zachary and his band of Pirate fliers. You need to accomplish all kinds of missions from saving people to killing blimps and stealing some more planes. The graphics are okay if you have the right equipment and the sound is also cool. I especially liked the way the team talks to each other.

The game keeps you busy for a while, and it surely is one in a class of it's own. I can't really compare it to other similar games because I tend to stay away from them. I think it is an okay game that is actually a bit of fun to play.