Fly the unfriendly skies. Or don't.

User Rating: 6.2 | Crimson Skies PC
What a great concept for a game. Set in an alternate 1930's world where pirates rule the skies in suped up aircraft, the narrative is unspooled through a newsreel look where the picture is scratched up and the soundtrack full of hiss and pops. Cast as a daring-do leader of a pirate gang, players will find that the control is tight and responsive, missions are interestingly varied, and there is lots of opportunity to upgrade their rides with more handling, armour and firepower. Too bad everything is shot down in flames by a rapidly curving difficulty level containing nigh impossible time constraints. I had been having a ball with the stylish presentation and sheer balls of the game, until I hit the wall and never recovered. YOU try plucking a woman off a speeding train with a ladder hanging from your underside while a squadron of enemies shoot you full of more holes than a wheel of swiss cheese. Sheesh!