An awesome dogfight that never lets up.

User Rating: 9.2 | Crimson Skies PC
If you want a realistic flight sim, you'll be dissapointed. If you want a combat flight sim, you'll be dissapointed. This is a CIRCUS DOGFIGHT, pure and simple. The action just keeps on going. There is nothing like shooting down an entire fleet etc of planes, zeppelins, buildings. It doesn't stop. The game has other cool aspects as well. Not only will you be shooting down aircraft you'll also be racing through the hollywood sign, picking up girls from trains, stealing experimental planes etc etc. Graphics are well done, unless you have a computer that is 6 years old, you won't have any problems. And contrary to the Gamespot review, as soon as you've patched the game, there are no crashes/lock ups at all. At least on my comp anyway ;). Sound FX are done well, bullets sound like bullets and change as you go up in calibres. You wingmen will give you heads up on the enemies position "Bandit, ten o'clock high" etc, and while it does get a little repetitive, it's still good. The wingmen won't say anything that isn't already scripted however, so when you do this or that, they'll say what they're supposed to, but that can't be helped. Forget about playing without a joystick though, the game simply isn't the same otherwise. And if you've got a pair of e-dimension 3d glasses, all the sweeter! An awesome game that will make you keep shooting until your knuckles hurt from holding on to the joystick to hard!!!