arcade like flight sim

User Rating: 6.5 | Crimson Skies PC
-since everything is verly well detailed , the gfx is excellent
-the voice acting is great, it is like the npcs are real
-the atmosphere is good and the music fit to it
-great premise
-impetuous dogfights, it cans happen that u must fight againt 10+ planes
-the controlls are very easy, you do not have a problem to fly with your keybord
-good flying phisycs( not a simulation like)
-zeppelin battles
-atmosphere in some maps

-loading times can be a bit long
-some of the levels are frustrating
-no bots in multiplayer battles
-this game do not have a map/level editor so you are forced to play the default maps only
-you have to hunt for the stunts as they aren't listed on the map
-the system of dying is very bad, becasue if you die, you play the level again and in some levels it is annoying

the game has some bad points but they are acceptable if you like to fly