One of the best action rpg games.

User Rating: 9 | Kurenai no Umi 2 PS2
I won't go into the game flow ,since thats been done many times already.It's a hack and slash game that plays alot like Dynasty Warriors since it uses the same engine.Usually I bore very quickly with this type of gameplay .This game is holding my attention for a number of reasons
The gameplay balance is excellent. You will be almost out of health many times when the mission ends or when teleporting. The game is never cheap and keeps you on your toes.Then there is the mission grading system similar to the one in Warship Gunner 2 . Doing a perfect mission gets you a prize.You have side quests to hunt monsters for money. Adding to the replay value is three levels of difficulty . The story is pretty good too. No Baldurs Gate ,Better than Diablo.With 60 missions you will play this a long time. If tou are tired of the same old Dynasty Warriors dance then check it out!