CrimeCraft: GangWars Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Win 50 of any match type. Bada Bing, Bada Boom!
    Accumulate 1 day of instance gameplay. Doin' Hard Time
    Achieve level 50. Five Star Badge
    Achieve level 40. Four Star Badge
    Kill 2500 enemy players with Melee attacks Ghostface Killer
    Become a Master Chemist of any kind. King Cook
    Choose the Chemist profession. Lab Junkie
    Become a Master Tailor of any kind. Luigi Vuitton
    Gain a total of 10000 points from Snow Brawl matches. Master Claus
    Achieve 30000 PvP Score Respect Around the World
    Achieve 1000 PvP Score Respect from Your Peers
    Achieve 10000 PvP Score Respect in the City
    Achieve 20000 PvP Score Respect on the Outside
    Achieve 5000 PvP Score. Respect on the Streets
    Accumulate 10 days of instance gameplay. Runnin' the Streets
    Gain a total of 500 points from Snow Brawl matches. Santa's Little Helper
    Kill 1000 enemy players with Melee attacks Slasher
    Accumulate 100 days of instance gameplay. The Immortal
    Choose the Tailor profession. The Outfitter
    Achieve level 30. Three Star Badge
    Achieve level 20. Two Star Badge

    Contributed by: Guard Master, th3l3fty