Poorerst edition of EA's cricket yet!!

User Rating: 4 | Cricket 2005 PS2
I picked up this game, hoping that it would continue Cricket 04's legacy by being a free flowing, easily played cricket game but unfortunately it fell a long way short.

Cricket 04 was fantastic. There was all the teams, great gameplay and all sorts of tournements. My favourite part of 2004 was the create a player mode. Involving yourself in the action could not be easier. You can even make yourself the best batter and the best bowler on any team or any country in the entire world. It was great! Thankfully EA chose to keep this feature, when they decided to create their new model of the game. However, this is probably the only possitive that came from this game.

The main problem is that EA have tried too hard to make this game resemble the cricketing game in the real world. The need to build confidence before playing any shots, whilst batting, the way the computer defends for hours and hours, making it impossible to get them out and the fact that there is no authenticity, make this game appauling. You may enjoy this game if you are looking for life-like matches (meaning they last for days, literally!) but if not i would not advise buying this game but would advise waiting for the newer version of the game to come out (Cricket 07). Cricket 07 is a bright prospect. Supposedly almost all the major sponsors are covered from Slazenger to Woodworm and so on and the batting has been improved substantialy, using new analog controls. Anway... my over all advice, do not buy Cricket 2005 but DO wait for and then buy Cricket 07!!!