Controls are all messed up!!!

User Rating: 5 | Cricket 2005 PS2
Don't me wrong here. I am a great fan of EA sports. But they have got it all wrong with this game. The graphics of the game is great. I guess they have put all their efforts in the graphics and did not get the chance to work with the gameplay. I must admit cricket is a difficult game to emulate. But NFL is difficult too! And it has got a great game (Madden franchise). I believe it all depends on the what kind of market they are targeting. If its a big market like the US, then it gets all the attention. But for a niche market with only few test playing nations, who cares for a huge investment. I really don't blame EA!! Now coming back to the game itself, the batting is totally impossible. Well I play games for fun, and I have played a lot of them, but this thing is not fun, you just cannot make runs with this game right out of the box. I guess you have to practice hours before you can call yourself a batsman. So forget being a Boycott anytime soon. I just don't get why they have to make it so hard!
Well the bowling is a little bit better. But still needs a fair bit of practice. Hope they have got is better in Cricket 2007.