Noop.. Really Shame On Game ,good graphics but bad gameplay & unrecogonised faces are far more than that........

User Rating: 4.5 | Cricket 2005 PC
Yes this game is poor and dissapointing and you will die to win or for boundries and wickets in it.

Graphics : Are good by the time infact can run on low level PCs also Lightning are great in every part of game.

Sounds : Well ! talking about it, Commentry is maximum sound which is repetitive and others is not great but OK.

Gameplay : AWFULL is the word for it because even if its a game but takes lot of time for your batsmen(BATTING) to make shots, try repeating the shot & face Catchout & ask CPU for it, in no time ball is out of boundary again & again.This is all because of frustrating Timing even shot-selection is right.
BOWLING is not far behind, try different bowls(A Good Strategy) but when CPU has decided to make six(its a Six.....) espacially in wicket 2 wicket & goodlength or yorker balls.FEILDING also not worth it, sometimes when you are in pressure they will definately missfeild also drops catches THATS OK!!! but when its repeatedly (Shaee......) also when you try to steal any run the ball is gonna hit the wicket from feilder nomatter any where he is in ground.

Others : Variety of places and grounds are good. Customising teams is OK. Created Players cant be saved, if can then for love of .... just tell me!! Most IMPORTANT!! point is about 95% faces are Unrecogonisable Infact most popular faces are unknown in the game