Yet another flawed cricket game... Frustrating mechanics make this no fun at all.

User Rating: 4.5 | Cricket 2005 PS2
Cricket 2005 is the latest in a string of mediocre efforts to simulate the great sport of cricket from EA. However, this one is definetly better than the previous installments.

For the first time in the series, the players look just like they do in real life. No more is there only two face templates, almost every player looks like their real life counterpart. Secondly the grounds look great and are once again faithful to their real life counter parts. The animations are also nice with the one exception when the stumps are hit the wickets go forwards not backwards! Talk about defying the laws of physics!!! The players animations are a joy to watch and make the game more lifelike. Beware, the graphics are the best part of this game, we have just entered this review, be prepared for a rocky road ahead...

First of all, the in game menu music is unnessercary and is made by some dodgy B- grade bands.I think there is one good song though, but the rest are rubbish. The commentary, dont even get me started on that, not only does it sound monotonous but also there are various glitches with it. Ive hit a single before, only for Ritchie to say thats the first boundary for Australia.

Hmm, ok lets just say it is extremely hard at first. And even if you do get the hang of it, you probably still wont beat the CPU anyway. Ive studied the mechanics of this game and I can tell you that 75% of it is completly random. Although there is some timing involved, it is almost completely luck whether the ball will go to the boundary or straight down a fielders throat. It really tests your patience. You can have a batsman at full confidence and he will still hit it straight up in the air and as soon as you mis time the hit, 99 times out of a hundred, it will go straight down the throat of a fielder, so 10 mistakes, maybe 11 and it is all over.
Bowling is a little better, you can bowl various deliveries, like the doosra, yorker and the slower ball, but once the computer wants to hit you for six, he will do it every single time, ball after ball. A pathetic bottom order batsman can smash the best bowler in the world like a 10 year old school boy.

Now the positives, there are a lot of modes, including World cup, world series, Knockout, domestic, twenty20 and more. Also all the teams players are recreated authentically giving a little sense of realism at least. The create a player mode is a good addition too, but it is extremely slow on the PS2 version and like most of the game, will test your patience greatly.

Graphics- C
Sound- D+
Gameplay- D
Lastability- C-
Content B-

Overall- D

Rent or Buy- If you want to play it you should rent it or find it in a bargain bin, but if you are after a good cricket simulation, try Ricky Ponting Cricket 2005 or even Shane Warne Cricket 99. Both are better than this, even though they dont have the licenses.