If you like the incredible machine series you may find this entertaining.Very creative and challenging fun.

User Rating: 7 | Create WII
This game has a lot of poor camera control for the way it is suppose to work but overall the fun factor holds up and the challenge is to get to the sandbox mode were you can create your very own cool and unusual machines in motion and physics.

I like the way it is designed to play from very simple puzzles to the most extreme ideas you could come up with. but the aspect of decorating the game does not appeal to me although you are given points for the best decorative ideas you can come up with.

There are are a lot of colors and backgrounds and paints and environmental items that can choose to use if you want to or you can just jump into the puzzles and forget about the designing phase of the game. ( leave it to someone else to do it ) it can be very cool to watch someone with an artistic eye set up the game like my daughter who really gets into this kind of artsy type of game.

I like the puzzles they are actual ideas that could exist in the real world and use real physics you will get frustrated from time to to time repeating the same puzzle for hours on end trying to get a contraption to work for you but also trying for the best score and unlock special items you can use throughout the game. yes it can get to the point your almost ready to throw the remote but hey give a second more maybe you just need to tweak that magnet or put down a drop of glue in a smaller area. You will get addicted to this game I promise if you like to solve stuff this game is right up your alley.

Game Play=7
Replay Value=8