It becomes boring after an hour.

User Rating: 5.5 | Crazy Taxi PC
This game could have been fun in 80s or 90s arcade machines. But after playing it a while, doing the same pointless missions over and over again bores you to death. Graphics are not so well, too. This game come out almost at the same time with "Grand Theft Auto III" and "Mafia" and this shows how it is aged even in 2002. Minigames can entertain you for a while, but fun wears off in a short time. Game has no storyline and it doesn't have an amusing gameplay like the other no-storyline-games like Tetris, Pac-Man, World of Goo etc. Soundtrack sounds good at the start but after a while hearing the same track over an over again doesn't excite the player. It could have been better if the game had different tracks for different characters. All in all you can have fun playing it for a day with your friends, but you will probably delete it the next day.