Absoulutley love this game...

User Rating: 10 | Crazy Taxi PS2
Crazy taxi is just one great game,and it is really fun to play...

Its got some superb graphics,and the graphics have some good detail,also the sound is very good,and the gameplay is great,and the controls are very easy to use,also the single player is great,and it is really fun to play.

And what you have to do is pick up and drop of as many customers as you can,before the time runs out,and some cutsomers will want to go somewhere far and some will want to go somewhere quite close,and if they want to go somewhere far,then you will get more money if you drop them of on time,and if they want to go somewhere close,it will be much more easier,but you will get less cash,and the better you drive,then the better tip you would get,also if you pick up a customer,and you dont drop them of in time,then they will just jump out of the car,and you will have to find some one else.

Also there are up to 4 charecters you can choose,each charecter has a different car,and some have some fast cars.

Also there are many challenges you can do,and some can be very hard and fun,and some are easy,and also really fun,also this game can be very fun to play.