The reviewers were WRONG

User Rating: 9 | Crazy Taxi GC
I can not believe anyone would rate crazy taxi so bad. Maybe if you want a realistic driving simulator you would rate it a 6.5. I just think the reviewers were tired of playing games. Crazy taxi is like getting a wii for Christmas. The game is so much fun and the best part is that there are NO police officers to give you tickets. I remember the first time I played it was an arcade game. Then one day I found it in the marked to $5 bin at Walmart. Me and my brothers and sisters wouldn't put the game down. I think what could've made the game a bit better is some graphics. Some of the graphics looked like someone threw a few balls of paint at it and called it a day. I liked the part in arcade mode there is a priest and he wants to go to KFC. The game was a great experience and I would recomend getting it. At least it's better then Halo.