Crazy Taxi on GameCube is still a fun, amazing game and it's graphically a bit better than the Ps2 port.

User Rating: 9 | Crazy Taxi GC
When Crazy Taxi hit the PlayStation 2 from the arcades, it was an amazing game to play and really fun as well. Now here we have the Game-Cube port and nothing changed from the Ps2 version except they cleaned the graphics up a bit and the game play is a little faster. So overall, it's still great.

Game play:
Same core game play and a bit faster than the Ps2 version. This is not the Dream-cast port, so do not ask me if i played the Dream-cast version because i've never owned a Dream-cast. This looks like a Game-Cube game to me.

They have been cleaned up a bit from the Ps2 version and overall still looks great.

Music and Sound:
Music sounds great and sound effects are great as well.

A for forward. B for backward. L for brakes. R for moving forward.

Lasting Appeal:
Crazy Taxi on Nintendo Game-Cube is still a fun and amazing game and it's both graphically better and as fun as on PlayStation 2. 9 out of 10.