Dreamcast owners won't get much out of this, but PS2 owners will.

User Rating: 7.5 | Crazy Taxi PS2
Crazy taxi was a popular arcade game that was ported to consoles between 2000 and 2009 and was known as one of the best Dreamcast games ever. One of the consoles that the game was ported to was the PS2 and while the game is pretty much a replica, it's still enjoyable. The main aspect of the game is to pick up passengers and take them to their destination. Easy. When you start out you have three modes to choose from and they are: arcade mode, timed mode and crazy box. Arcade mode is like this: you have a time limit and you go around picking people up and droping them off but there is a slight twist, when you drop people off you get a time bonus depending on how well you did. If you dropped them off in a fast time then you will get a big time bonus, if you did average then you will get a medium time bonus, if you did bad then you will get a small time bonus and if you really messed up then you will get nothing. This mode is great if you want to play forever. Timed mode is the same game but with no time bonuses. This mode is good but you only play for a certain amount of time, no extensions.
Crazy box is a mode where you play certain challenges such as hit all the balloons or perform a crazy jump. This mode is spectacular and would've been even better if they included a multiplayer mode.The graphics are average. The animations of the characters look blocky and some parts of the environment are blurry but they are ok for the most part. The controls are difficult to master. You will use the shoulder buttons for the gas, handbrake, the thumb-stick to move and the face buttons (X, square, triangle and circle) to brake. Yes there is more than one button to brake (:D)
For me, the controls were clunky and very dodgy but they aren't impossible to master. The game is alot of fun and can get challenging because there is a grading system in there. You will earn licences depending on how well you did. You get A, B, C, D, E and no licence A.K.A. F. Sadly when you play there is only two levels and they aren't very big. You will be driving round the same areas over and over again and it gets very annoying really fast. The soundtrack is very well done but would it kill to put more than 3 or 4 songs in? Seriously it would 've been better if there had been more songs. Don't get me wrong they are decent songs but the amount is just too small.
Crazy Taxi is a fun game. With great modes, awesome gameplay, the grading system is a reason to replay the game, decent music, crazy box is a spectacular idea and the game is very fun. The downsides were that there wasn't enough music tracks, the levels were too short and there was only two of them and the graphics even though I said were ok they could get very blurry but overall this is a decent game and can be found at a very small price at your local thrift store. Buy it now.