Fun its that simple

User Rating: 9.1 | Crazy Taxi PS2
I liked it. I played it in the arcardes before they put it on the PS2 or Dream Cast. I really liked this game. I think because I am a huge Offspring fan Just did it for me because all the music was from them. It pumps you up and gets you ready to go. I liked how you had a few little mini games and how there is a huge amount of area to go through. It is a hard game to get a perfect score I think you have to play for a few weeks to get that good to be honest I probibly got a new game and started playing it before I could get that good. But it is a game you can play any time. other games have huge story mode and are a big commitment. not this game you just put it in and there is no presure to beat anything because there is not storie line other then find people and drive them to were they want to go. If yo like fast past driving and good music its for you. Recommened