I remember playing Craxy Taxi on my old Dreamcast, and I must say that this revives classic memories. Good and also bad.

User Rating: 8 | Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars PSP
First off, for those of you that don't know this game originally came out for the Sega Dreamcast back in like, 1998, and they basically just ported it and Crazy Taxi two to the PSP. Unfortunately, Sega didn't take the time to update the graphics so you can expect a little worse than Spider Man 3 character designs. The gameplay still remains pretty fresh though, with lots of mini-games to keep you going and a great arcade/original(Dreamcast version) single-player "campaign." I still wish that they put in some kind of free roaming option in there; and to my dismay, there is no gameplay map while your driving around so sometimes you can find yourself in a jam; there is also no story mode at all, so you might be spending most of your time with the minigames, because they are addictive. The physics are pretty unrealistic, but that works for the game; but while you are doing a Crazy Drift, or just plain turning, it is fairly easy to lose control. The sound however, is disappointing...to some extent. The music selection for both individual games is only about 5 songs, so it gets really old, really fast, but you can use music on your memory stick also, but the normal songs are all some kind of punk/rock and they pretty much all sound the same, and they came out when the original game came out, so yeah, they're old. So if you don't have your own music, get some. Also, when you pick up a girl, whenever you get a tip for doing a Crazy Through, or a Crazy Drift or something,(Crazy Jump is only in Crazy Taxi 2) they will make a noise that makes them sound like their having an orgasm or something, like saying, "Ooooooooooooh!" or "Ooooh baby!" I find that to be sorta freakish but if your a sick and disgusting person, you could find that to be a good thing. Overall, this game is a great rendition of a classic game, or two, Crazy Taxi fans will really enjoy this and newcomers...well, try not to be too critical, it was a Dreamcast game, that's why the graphics are below par a bit. Well! I think that was a pretty good review for not having written one in about 6 months. Enjoy the game!