Poor graphics, repetitive gameplay, confusing controls got Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars below my expectations.

User Rating: 6 | Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars PSP
It really had great potential to be a great game... just like the old-school ones. I had high expectations for Crazy Taxi on the PSP, but looks like it just dissapointed me.

The graphics are poor, and the gameplay is really, really repetitive. You'll be doing the same thing throughout the whole game. Controls? Overcomplicated. Absolutely confusing.

The Multiplayer shows the same issues in the Singleplayer mode, but it's nice. It also comes with 2 crazy taxi games, but neither one has held up particularly well.

Basically, Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars is a fair game... It has extremely repetitive gameplay, fair graphics & sound, a nice multiplayer... Fans of the CRAZY TAXI series, don't get your expectations too high. But somehow, you might enjoy this game.