I've never played crazy taxi before. And this was a great start!

User Rating: 8.5 | Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars PSP
I never played Crazy Taxi because it came out when I was young and I couldn't play it due to some of the language. Years and years passed and i forgot all about it. I was on a cruise ship and played it in the arcade and was hooked on crazy taxi. I had to play more, so i went out and bought it as soon as it came out.

This is a great game where there is one simple objective. "Get to your destination aT aLL Co$ts!" You simply pick a town (2 towns in crazy taxi one and three or so in crazy taxi 2) and pick a driver and pick up a person, then Floor it! This fast paced game looks like it has nothing to it. Well I figured out there are many things to unlock, and many missions and minigames to unlock. The game does have a few downsides. There may be a few glitches in the outskirts of the cities, there are not too many songs at first. The controls can cramp up your hands. And some missions can seem impossible.

However this fun, fast paces taxi game is a must own for anyone who has not played Crazy Taxi before, or anyone who just MuST play crazy taxi somewhere other than home.