Crazy Taxi is back once again

User Rating: 8 | Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars PSP
The Good: 2 Crazy Taxi game in one, custom soundtrack, pretty good graphics, The Bad: boring soundtrack, game's frame rate is slower, still no new adds to the game, Crazy Taxi a game that came from the arcades then to dreamcast then playstation 2, gamecube, xbox even on the game boy now to PSP. This game has been released so many times now but yet we go and buy it again and again. This game comes with 2 Crazy Taxi games on the 1 UMD which are a little slow but still its enjoyable. The feeling a get from this game is that the time is set at the same speed and the game itself is a little slow which leads you not to be able to make the customers or pass the mini game.

On the good side the game looks pretty good with a new added feature been the fare wars game with 2 players where you have to steal your opponents fares. Great feature has been used custom soundtrack more games should make good use out of this feature.

The bad point is that there is not a real story mode again just really the arcade mode and the mini games. With Crazy Taxi surely they could make a great story out of it. The music is boring tends to repeat itself over and over the wrong songs have been selected for the game.

Still the game is worth checking out even if you do have it on the others cause i do have this game on playstation 2 and dreamcast. This version is good and can be fun to play while im out on the bus or waiting somewhere in town or waiting for the bus.

So hey hey come have some fun with Crazy Taxi.