Awesome game! Taxi drivers will be left in shame lol, jk!

User Rating: 9 | Crazy Taxi DC
Crazy Taxi was an orginal and awesome game! It could test if you are a great and speedy taxi driver! The controls weren't hard to maintain, and it was quite simple. The only bad thing is sometimes they don't give you enough time to get them to the place they want to go, and they just commit a somehow suicide by jumping out the taxi which is very unique and very stupid! Also, I did like the missions they had because they were helpful for playing the real thing. The arcade feature is also amazing because you played with no coins (yay) the only bad thing is you don't play with like the wheel and the pedals (like in a real arcade) The game has only four players, but its unique because each have there own speed, weight, etc. Anyways, I also did like this game because they actually had REAL places the peeps wanted to go like real fast food places (McDonalds, KFC, Burger King) real stores, and other great places you should be familiar with! This game was a very unique idea, had a so-so graphic line, and the sound is well... um... you know "great"

This game is revolutionary because it sort of brought the idea of racing games, and many other games. This is simply a great game!