Super Great Game

User Rating: 8.4 | Crazy Taxi DC
OVERALL: 8.7 Gameplay: 9 Replay: 8 Graphics: 8 Sound: 9 Music: 7 The gameplay is pretty refreshing. The player takes the role of a taxi driver and the point of the game is to get the customer where they want to go as fast as possible while doing tricks and catching air. More tricks and faster times mean more cash. There are 4 characters/taxies to pick from each with its own strengths and weaknesses. There are many locations to take people to but some are more common then others. The game isn't hard but it's not simple either. It isn't that long but there are some extra mini-games. It will provide a good amount of playtime, at least 10 hours. Crazy Taxi looks really nice. There are many things happening on screen and the game is smooth for the most part. The main characters and cars look great. The other vehicles and characters on the street look pretty good. The cities are huge and look very nice. There is some slowdown and polygon break-ups. The graphics, while solid for the most part, could have had some more refinement. The game sounds great. The stereo sound is very clear. There are some voices which are great, though you will keep hearing the same things over and over again. The other cars honk at you and have a nice fading sound as you pass them. The music isn't half bad. There is music from artists such as The Offspring. It's not the best but it does work as driving music. Final words: A fun and crazy driving game.