Crazy can be either a good thing....or a bad thing.

User Rating: 7 | Crazy Taxi DC
Driving a taxi around a California city without any regard to the law sounds like it should be the most amazing thing ever created. Sitting in a cool convertable, nearly running over people, crashing into cars, and all while getting paid. Sounds like a wish come true. And it is. And like all wishes, there is some evil catch. Some fine print that you missed that makes you regret ever wishing for that thing.

Crazy Taxi is a fun game. Let me start out by saying that. You get to play as a hip taxi driver and you drive all around like a maniac trying to get your passenger to their destination at a decent time. Just like real cabbies. And just like real cabbies, you have no regard for the law, pedestrians, traffic, hygiene, or morals. You drive wherever and however you can to do your job a little quicker. Because as we all know, we will tip our cabbie a lot more money if he gets us to our destination quickly. Even if he nearly killed a few dozen people and destroyed thousands of dollars worth of property. The only thing that matters is getting to where we're going as fast as possible.

And that's what makes this game a blast. You can drive insanely. In fact, it's encouraged! Your passenger makes happy noises as you swerve through traffic. The closer you are to killing your passenger, the happier they are...and the more they tip you. But if you actually hit another car, then your passenger becomes an annoying, self-righteous bastard. Complaining about pain, and being scared.

Your job is to get as many fares as you can in as short as time possible. Thats why you have to drive like a crazy cabbie. Because you have more fares to get to. Sometimes things get out of control. You can knock cars for a spin and make them roll....almost certainly killing the family inside. But screw have a passenger that's complaining. So you see? It's just like being a real cabbie.

So all that is fun. The core of the game is fun. Roaming through a huge city with pedestrians jumping out of your way is fun. So why am I only giving it a 7.0 you ask? I'll tell you. It's the "catch" to the wish you just made.

First of all, it gets a bit repetitive. Sure you are causing chaos as you drive, but something about it makes it feel very procedural. Pick up a complaining fare, drive real fast to his destination, drop him off, say some smart-ass remark, pick up another fare, and do the whole thing over again. Just like real cabbies.

That's not a big deal though. This game was meant to be played in little spurts. What's annoying as hell though is the controls and that big stupid arrow that supposedly points you in the direction of your destination. The controls seem incredibly unintuitive and the arrow likes to point in weird ways that don't make sense. In fact, if can lead you in the wrong direction, and then the wolfman yells at you "WRONG DIRECTION DUMB ASS!" And then you yell back "BUT YOUR STUPID ARROW TOLD ME TO GO THIS WAY!". And then you fight and are sleeping on the couch that night....just like real cabbies.

So yeah, it's a fun game in spurts. It's definitely worth playing. It can be hilarious at times...and frustrating at others. So go ahead and pick up this game if you want to kill a half hour or so....but I warn'll soon be wanting to just play Grand Theft Auto's version of crazy taxi...because in that version you can get out of your cab and shoot your fare in the head if he's annoying....just like real cabbies.