Crazy Taxi 2 Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Secrets from Crazy Pyramid

    After beating a row of levels in the Crazy Pyramid you get a bonus prize, they are:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Row 2 Baby Stroller
    Row 3 Bike
    Row 5 Map of Around Apple
    Row 4 Map of Small Apple
    S-S Play as Axel, BD Joe, Gus and Gena.
    Row 1 S-S

    Contributed by: wdg8 

  2. Codes

    Effect Effect
    Have a controller plugged in to third port and press the L button while playing. Change Direction Arrow Colors
    Hold Y and press A at the character select screen. Disable Drop point indicator
    At the character selection screen, hold start and Y at the same time. Expert Mode
    Hold the Start button and press the A button at the character select screen. No direction arrows
    Hold Start and press Up 5 times on controller C Speedometer
    During gameplay and on controller C, press Start and Y to switch to a panoramic view. Zoom View

    Contributed by: Mighta, Gamejunky2001, Doodleheimer, Jeff Paine, JDelgado 

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