Has tobe the best crash game EVER! Reminds me of beautiful things like bent metal, burning chasis and melting paint YEAH

User Rating: 10 | Crash Tag Team Racing PS2
This game is much different from the previous kart games. Just think of the word "kart".... and blast it to to smitherines cause these "CARS" have guns BIG guns, 360 degree turrets to be exact and each one is different. And there are tons of unlockables cars, outfits!!!!! AND........death? Now thats hilarious. How mush more should i say. Collecting coins for tricked out cars, cruising down the blacktop road, shooting with out kindness, clashing with opponents to see all the possible outcomes, sending opponents burning and best of all shrinking Cortex's ego down to size!!!!! Yep..... games are getting grater everyday!!!!!!!!!!!