Great Platformer

User Rating: 8.5 | Crash of the Titans X360
This was a great platforming game. There are a lot of upgrades for your character, and the moves that he does. I like the "JACKING" feature, where you can beat up the bigger enemies, and jump on them and control them when they get dazed. This gets pretty frantic when there are multiple bigger enemies, but it's still fun. There are also upgrades for each of the bigger enemies. The game length is pretty long, getting up into 17-18 levels. I can't remember, it's been awhile since I've played through. I played the game on the medium difficulty and was able to get through the entire game with not too many problems. There were some parts that got pretty hard. I've recently started over on the harder difficulty (for the achievement) and it's still proving to be a lot of fun. Anybody looking for a decent challenge in a platformer, and getting massive achievements along the way I would recommend that you give this game a try. I am an over 30 gamer that has had many systems and I've played many platform games. This one isn't stellar, but it is worth checking out. Also, my 9 year old son really likes it, one of his favorites. He likes the music in the game a lot, it's really catchy.