sierra, you monster! why would you do such a thing to crash?!

User Rating: 1 | Crash of the Titans GBA
look, it may be like god of war except less violent, but they totally screwed up crash bandicoot! i hate these gay changes, i hate tiny's change the most, if you agree with this review, we can go on a strike against Activision, i don't care if we lose cod (call of duty) and bring naughty dog back, even if we have to lose Uncharted, after Twinsanity, this was the huge downfall of a kid's game! I don't like punching and kicking crash! I don't like tall Cortex, I hate the new tattoos on Crash, I hate Aku Aku and Uka Uka here, Aku Aku looks more of like a gorilla than a smart floating peice of wood! And Uka Uka looks less scary and less threatning, old school Crash is ruined forever! At least in CBNK 2 (not to be confused with CNK 2), they used the Twinsanity models, so Activision is slowley starting to put Crash's old school hands back together. Maybe we can start buying the games again.