A nice continuation of Crash Bandicoot's excellent, earlier Game Boy Advance games! :D

User Rating: 10 | Crash of the Titans DS
Despite all of my hard-earned achievements and accomplishments, I am ashamed to admit that my only experience with the orange mammal was on the 2-D side scrolling Game Boy Advance games which, while fun, did not provide me any good view point as to how Crash Bandicoot operated in the 3-D game realm. But now that I have played and beaten his first genuine Nintendo DS 3-D game outing, I can safely say that Crash Bandicoot is just as fun in 3-D as he was in 2-D, and maybe even more fun than that! :D While there are only five levels with fifteen stages total (counting the stages you play as Nina Cortex) eight of those stages are divided into two distinct sections designed for replay value. One section is comprised of going through a unique level fighting baddies, taking control of them in order to gain more attack power and health, collecting Tiki masks and accomplishing different goals in order to earn valuable gems and Mojo. The purpose of earning Mojo is to purchase upgrades for Crash so he can have more attack, defense, health, or anything else that can help give him an edge in giving Neo Cortex and his hired goons a good taste of comeuppance. Not only are the enemies and stages well-designed, the vocal acting is good to! I recommend this game as a short, but fun experience the whole family can enjoy! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)