Just a plain 'ol fun platformer on the PSP with a few new additions to the Crash formula.

User Rating: 8 | Crash of the Titans PSP
The Good: Looks like a PS2 game, plays like a PS2 game, nice unlockables, Titans add to the game play.

The Bad:...Plays like a 2001 PS2 game, a few graphical issues, extremely short, too simple over all, unfair boss fights

I was really surprised how good this game was on the PSP. After playing the Xbox 360 demo it didn't feel right on a console. It just didn't feel like it was enough. The graphics are superb on the PSP it looks and feels just like a PS2 game. I'm glad Sierra finally made Crash fun again since all the previous once were terrible (after the PS1 era). The great thing here is that you can "jack" titans which are the big enemies in the game. There are three different types: Snipers, massive titans, and large titans. You jack them by hit them enough and a star meter over their head will tell you when you can jack them. Once you do you can control them and cause massive damage. You use them to get through obstacles in the game or to beat bosses. It's strange how this never gets old since there is a good variety of enemies and different means for them. There are a lot of great unlockables here such as costumes for Crash, concept art, and info about the enemies. There is also a combo system which you can upgrade by picking up enough blue orbs in the game. This also allows you to upgrade your health as well. The only problems I found were the few graphical glitches, and sometimes the boss fights are just absurdly unfair and can be extremely frustrating. I didn't get to try to the multiplayer but it looks really fun. I highly recommend this game, despite you can beat it in less than 5 hours.