User Rating: 7.9 | Crash 'N Burn 3DO
This is one of the first games that I had the chance to play on a 3DO, actually it was the first. I was really impressed with 3DO´s sound (dolby surround sound support) and graphics back in 1993. this is indeed a fun game to play where you can choose one from a range of weird drivers along with a weapon to be equiped on your car that already has a default laser weapon. Then you start racing against your opponents in a variety of tracks with increasing difficulty. The more you race the more money you make to buy new parts and more powerful weapons. Crash ´N Burn graphics are average considering the console´s capabilities. The car models look great in the car screen selection where you also find neat animations of the weapons firing. When the race starts you can notice that the car models don´t keep the quality from the in game menu screens which is ok for one of the first games of a new console. The draw distance is acceptable and the frame rate steady. Some tracks have nice detailed backgrounds but usually nothing really impressive. Crash ´N Burn is an arcade racing game so, don´t expect a precise driving simulator. Beeing an arcade racer where you can blow away you opponents is what makes it fun. The car and fire control are easy to get used to and after 3 or 4 races you can master it. Some tracks are tricky and may require wise use of you weapon´s ammunition. I was expecting more from sound effects, they are below the machine´s possibilities, on the other hand, the music is well designed giving you the feeling of beeing on the track. In other words, it is a futuristic arcade racer presented to 3DO owners during the early days of the console back in 1993.