One of thee classic crash gamess!

User Rating: 9.9 | Crash Bash PS
A few days ago I found my ps1 under my bed so i plugged it in and put the disc of crash bash into it and pressed the power button and as soon as a started playing crash bash again i was instantly hooked! it may not have been made by the legends that are naughty dog but it sure seems like a crash classic! unlike the new games, a few for eg. crash nitro cart, crash tag team racing and of course the worst TWINSANITY! that was a total letdown! ok back to crash bash .. it plays amazinglly, colours are good and bright [like the classic crash] and the games are really fun [espesially the throwing box ones =D] i think anyone with a ps1 or ps2 shood buy this game even tho it is years old! its still one of the best ps1 games of all time!