Man this game is pretty darn fun. Its well worth too try again you wont be dissapointed.

User Rating: 8.4 | Crash Bash PS
Crash bash is a party game and it have man nice touches.

In Crash Bash you can play through the adventure mode and when done you can play through the battle mode. You can pick eight different characthers each with its own Pros and Cons. There are also many different games you can play.

First in the adventure mode you will see a Introudusery video which Aku Aku and whatever and The evil Aku aku confronts eachother and then bla bla bla and then your off you pick your characther 4 of them are evil 4 of them are good. You can pick your stage in the game which is good instead of going through one after the another. There are many games. Ballgame where you will have too avoid getting the ball passed you. There are a polar bear game where you and your polar game needs too avoid getting outside the icy arena. And then Or Box game where you have too get as many boxes as possible. And then you have the throw boxes at eachother game where you have too throw boxes at the other guys and try not too be killed yourself. There are also some other cool games that will unlock afterwards also. Like tank games where you have too destroy all the other guys before they destroy you.

The game is very fun too play The Ai is giving you a pretty good challenge. Some of the games are pretty easy too complete and some of them are pretty hard. There are also these other mini games in the games that will unlock themself. Where you will have too beat the enemy as fast as possible because you wont have so much time. And then there are the other stuff that will unlock themself there you will have a very hard game as you are getting the same skills as the enemy. In one mission you will have too run away from crates that are thrown at you plus you need too avoid getting hit by the enemy plus again you will have too kill the other guys.
the games are very different and thats good. It feels like a whole new game at times. The game is very easy too learn it will take you about... Yes no time too learn, its easy. You also after you beat all the games you will have too defeat a boss. The first bosses are very easy too beat but they get harder and harder too beat. The only problem i had was the lack of movement its almost impossible too get away from the boxes that are thrown at you. But that is not much of a problem so the Gameplay rocks.

The graphics are great... for its time. There doesnt seem too be any graphical problems at all. There are no glitches of some sort. And the enviroments looks great. The snow the forest all look Great. The characther models is looking Solid though some of them could have been worked on. The cutscenes look slighty better then everything else also. But the enviorment can get too repetive because there is just forest or snow. And some of the games even look exatcly the same. I thought it was the same map at times. But all in all great graphcis.

The sound is Ok good. But there arent enough varety in the soundtracks and they all seem boring. Some of the tracks is even used from the older games. The characthers screaming sounds dumb. And everything seems underpowered in some ways. There are no forest sounds or snow wind sounds or nothing its a little patchetic. The sounds is the most dissapoiting of them all. The voice acting is boring. And the conversations doesnt make any sense at all. Bla Bla bla Boring.

There is many reason too come back maybe you want too play the Throw boxes at eachother game or maybe you want too knock people off the ice in the snow games. Or maybe you just want too relive the insanily fun game. Theres many reasons too go back too the game... For a couple of days. Or maybe you just want too finish the game again. But if you cant take the graphcis or you cant take the bad sounds do not come back too it. Because the game isnt quite a looker in these days.

Overall Crash bash is a fun game with a lot of cool game or mini games. Its well worth a try atleast. Yes the sounds sucks the graphics suck but if you want too step back from the Pc in the holidays and want too play a Playstation game
Crash bash isnt a bad way too go at all. Its actually a must try again if you have the game.