i grew up wit this game!!!!!! i started playin it wen i was 4 and now im 18! and still playin!

User Rating: 10 | Crash Bash PS
simply put thi game isnt a party game i never veiwed as that cause it never gave u the sense that it was, its in the awsome catageory! i just cant say enough about how good this game is. wat ever u like it has u like fighting its got it, racing,flying crazy space ships and blasting a alein, its even got pogo stiks!!! i highly recommed this game even if ur no fan of crash wat so ever its awsome to anyone whose anyone oh i forgot u can even ride on polar bears!and it gets better u can have up to four people playin at once thats the only way its a party game its just sooo fun im just stunned of the rating this game got, it deserves better.instant classic no doubt wat so ever. its got excellent gameplay and easy controls that anyone can pick up and play even the tank battles are easy to see wats around u and not get frustrated by gettin shot, by a cheap shot.