Not bad

User Rating: 7.4 | Crash Bandicoot (Platinum) PS
A lot of poeple when they see Crash bandicoot wil think it is a lot like Donkey Kong. Well, it has a few islands that you have a list of the levels on that you walk to which ever you want(out of the one's you can play) and play it, like in some of the DK games. You also collect apples in Crash bandicoot, like the banana's in DK. Also, some of the levels(not all) are side scrolling levels, and has graphics simeler to DK(side scroller but 3D chracters, and other things in 3D), but to my memeory, most were full 3D levels. You could say it's like DK 64, but it's very different. In a matter of fact, it's not a wannabe DK clone, it's a good game, which at times is simerler to Donkey Kong. The graphics are good, and the sound isn't bad, and the gameplays alright, but could've been better. The difficulty level varies. You may play a level that you cant beat, then when you finally do, beat the nest level in a less then a minute. The bosses are fun, but most follow a pattern and require a basic stratagy to beat. Doesn't mean that they're easy, but they're not really hard. The bosses are easier then some(not all) of the levels before you face them, but they're fun to fight. This game is an old school 3D platformer, that most will enjoy, even if it's only a little.