A great adventure game, neat bosses and cool moves as you spin, body slam, jump, and more through many levels to win.

User Rating: 8.4 | Crash Bandicoot (Platinum) PS
Like I said above, it's a nice adventure game, and what is really neat is that there is no more seeing your character from the side. Here, you see the back of Crash's head, so it's much easier to judge where an enemy is on the path.
Run through nearly 50 levels blocked by enemies, obstacles, and more. Along the way you find wooden crates, which can be broken open by Crash's main attack, the devastating spin kick. Inside there may be extra lives, protecting masks, or mysterious peaches called wumpa fruit. If you collect 100 wumpa fruit, you eat all of them and get a free life. After every level, if you break all the boxes, you get a gem. Nice, except sometimes you will have sworn you pressed that jump button but you fall off the cliff.
Pretty good, though a little squarey.
Not much, but snazzy in some levels.
Eh. Sorta valuable.
The one thing I REALLY hate about this game is that sometimes, since you're view is the character's, it's hard to see how far you have to jump. One of the best nine-year old games I've ever played, closely following Bushido Blade. Buy it if you can still find it!