I look back at the days when I was younger, and playing this game over and over and over again.

User Rating: 9.5 | Crash Bandicoot (Platinum) PS
This game is great and I always used to play it. I practically knew every single thing about each level when I was done with my PlayStation. I don't know why some people said this game is hard, when I was like 7 when I started playing that game, and I didn't find it too hard. The bosses are fun, but the last one I have to admit was hard.

Gameplay: Extremely fun and easy to get into, classic stuff and shouldn't be forgotten.

Graphics: The graphics (for that time) were great, best graphics on the PlayStation that I saw.

Sound: The music was so awesome, the little shrieks he did, did get annoying but weren't that bad.

Value: I have played through this game so many times and never go bored.

Overall, I will always have fun with this game, and it was great for it's time and I still have fun with it on my PS2.