Crash Bandicoot? Yep the orange marsupil is one of the best PlayStation classics until today!

User Rating: 9.4 | Crash Bandicoot (Platinum) PS
Crash Bandicoot is still one of the best PlayStation classics till today. You play as Crash as he searches for his lost girlfriend who was kidnapped by Dr. Cortex. In this game you have to collect wumpa fruits by breaking boxes on your way and collect the Aku Aku masks. If all boxes are cracked a suprise feature in the game will await and as well as a spcial ending. This game features highly detailed graphics, great polish, great character design and level designs. By the way collect icons of your friends and foes and you can enter Bonus Rounds. You sure dont wanna miss that! Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation is a must buy for everyone!