Birth of a new mascot

User Rating: 6.8 | Crash Bandicoot (Platinum) PS
The rise of the PS1 began the genesis of a new wave of characters and mascots...back in the day there were two big names when you thought of flag waving Mascots...Nintendo had Mario...Sega had Sonic now Crash Bandicoot was created a new series of titles and a new character ripe for marketing. Crash Bandicoot concerns the adventures of the title character as he struggles to save his island home from Dr. Neo Cortex who like all too many genius types these days is evil. The game play at the time was somewhat of a revolution back in the really old days it was the way of things that you travelled from the left to the right, however Crash Banicoot had you travelling on ocasion for right to left...Blasphemy I hear some of you cry...but thats not all on other occasions crash moved into the 3rd dimension and had you running either in to or out of the screen adding more dimentions to the levels. I shouldn't make light of it really since at the time of release this was really ground breaking stuff...despite all this radical styling Crash also maintains a great feeling of old school gameplay filled with spin attacks...botomless pits...jumping on enemies heads and gathering items. All that said, especially by todays standards it's a pretty bog standard platformer...however Crash has been one of the more noteable created characters in recent years and his first adventure as seen here is not without it's charm and challenges it should be noted for being a fair title and respected for it's historical relevance in the history of platforming if nothing else.