The birth of a legend, but not his finest hour

User Rating: 6 | Crash Bandicoot PS

Aside from possibly Spyro the dragon, no other character could be argued to reign supreme of all things platform game related on the ps1 other than Crash Bandicoot. This game is where it all started for our box destroying marsupial friend, now 18 years ago. Progressing along a series of islands we se our spinning hero traverse a variety of levels and boss fights, mostly on foot with the exception of one boar ride. The nostalgic value of this game is immense, and replaying it was so much fun, but compared to the other ps1 titles in the series it just doesn't quite hold its ground, mainly due to a lack of character abilities and level variety. That being said for any fan of the series who has missed the first game, it is a must. However, if you are yet to dive into the crash bandicoot universe start with the second or third games, your not going to lose valuable story telling experience by not playing the titles in order.