Crash Impresses on His Nintendo Debut, but not quite enough.

User Rating: 9 | Crash Bandicoot XS GBA

The "Huge" in the game's title is a bit misleading. :idea: This game is not as big as other Game Boy Advance games can be. Thankfully, the Bandicoot does manage to make an impressive showing on his first Nintendo Video Game system outing. Taking a break from full on 3-D graphics, the Bandicoot goes on a mostly 2-D scrolling video game with a few 3-D flying and running levels. While the side scrolling and flying levels are pretty basic, the running levels can get a little annoying after a while! :roll: In the running levels, Crash is running towards the screen, and there is a Yeti behind Crash that will kill Crash if the Bandicoot gets stuck behind something. Not only that, but if Crash runs into or jumps onto one Nitro Box, than Crash will die! :shock: And unfortunately, there is no advance warning for when a Nitro Box is coming, or where on the screen it is going to be. However, this game isn't that bad (certainly not as bad as his PS One outings) because Crash isn't imitating "Super Mario 64" like he usually does. :) My final verdict on this game is that it is better enjoyed as a rental than as a fully purchased and owned video game. 8) Enough said, true believers! ;)